Lodge NO. 44

Freemasonry in the Smyrna/Clayton area can trace its roots back to Lodge No. 44 which was located at Duck Creek Crossroads, which was a “suburb” of the booming town known as Duck Creek  that was located at the intersection of Duck Creek Pkwy and N. Main St. On June 23, 1785 Lodge No. 44 A.Y.M (Ancient York Masons) was chartered by the Pennsylvania provincial Grand Lodge of the Ancient Grand Lodge of England under recommendation of Lodge No. 18 A.Y.M. of Dover, De. This was one of seven lodges originally charted by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Delaware. The first Worshipful Master of Lodge No. 44 A.Y.M. was former state representative and senator Daniel Cummins who was previously a past master of Lodge No. 18 A.Y.M.  Lodge No. 18 A.Y.M had numerous members that was living in the Smyrna area and it was a hardship on them to keep their activity up. They petitioned the provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for a charter and it was warranted on June 23, 1785. Lodge No. 44 A.Y.M. held its meetings at Duck Creek Cross Roads. They met on the 1st Thursday of every month. The first meeting was on August 4, 1785. They raised 6 brothers in their 1st year of existence. Some of the early members included Governor John Clark, Governor Jacob Stout, and Revolutionary Patriot Lt. Coll Charles Pope. Unfortunately the lodge became dormant in 1787 along with Lodge No. 18 and the lodge ceased to exist in 1791. Lodge No 44 A.Y.M. filed their last report in 1791 which shows more than 20 members on the books and another 4 members suspended including the original worshipful master of the lodge Daniel Cummings. Lodge No. 44 A.Y.M. was the 5th lodge in Delaware to have it charter warranted by the provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania 

Early Days

Harmony Lodge No. 13. A.F. & A.M. was warranted on January 19, 1825 by the Grand Lodge of Delaware. This was a bad period in masonry which is known as the anti-masonic movement. Between 1826 and 1840 10 of the 17 lodges in Delaware went dark including Harmony Lodge in 1833. Around 1840 the movement began to lose steam and in the 1850’s masonry began to grow again. Between 1850 and 1870 11 new lodges were chartered and 4 dark lodges revived their charters.


Harmony Lodge no. 13 A.F. & A.M.

Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M worked under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Delaware from Nov. 1 1866 until June 27, 1867. On June 27, 1867, Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. had its chartered revive by Most Worshipful Grand Master Daniel McClintock of the Grand Lodge of Delaware with Worshipful Master Issac S. Shortman sitting the in the East. Harmony Lodge has been in continuous existence since then.


Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. met on the top floor of the Smyrna Town Hall (currently the Smyrna Opera House) and had 23 members on the book at the end of their 1st year. Harmony Lodge met there until December of 1948, on Christmas Day when a fire which was started by Christmas lights destroyed the 3rd floor and clock tower. The lodge lost many of their possessions that day including their original charter issued to them. Harmony Lodge then moved to the Clayton Town Hall where it continued to meet for 29 years. Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. celebrated its 100th anniversary with a dinner hosted at the Hub Restaurant in Dover on April 29th, 1967. The event was organized by PGM Harry C. Johnson, Harry R. Shirey, and Harry M. Thompson, who were known collectively around the Lodge as “We Three Harrys.”


Harmony Lodge current meets at its temple at 11. N. Main St. Smyrna, De. The old Still Building was dedicated to the new Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. Masonic Hall on November 19, 1977, and the first meeting was held on December 1, 1977. This was a huge step for Harmony Lodge as they have never owned their own hall. This was the first time they owned their own building. The 125th Anniversary Banquet was held on March 7, 1992, at the Sheraton Hotel in Dover, De.


From its founding in 1867 Harmony Lodge No. 13 A.F. & A.M. has Entered, Passed, and raised over 620 Brethren. Four Brethren of Harmony Lodge No. 13 have gone on to become Grand Masters: Nathaniel F. Wilds 1888 – 1889, Edward G. Walls – 1896, Walter W. Hynson – 1920, and Harry C. Johnson – 1944.